Cancun’s Moon Palace to Benefit From World’s Largest Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium in Cancun, Mexico

Dolphinarium in Cancun, Mexico

Marine-life enthusiasts will be excited to learn that world-famous dolphinarium company, Dolphin Discovery, has made a huge announcement. According to Mexico News Daily, the multi-million dollar company is constructing a brand new park in Cancún, Mexico. 


As part of the company’s broader strategic plan for growth, it will be the largest Dolphin Discovery park in the world. 


Dolphin Discovery’s CEO, Eduardo Albor Villaneuva, confirmed that the $10-million park will attract around 500,000+ tourists upon its completion. According to reports, Dolphin Discovery is also on track to see a 6% growth in overall visitorship in the next year. 


Dolphin Discovery’s other Cancún location, located at Isla Mujeres, is already wildly successful. However, given it is on an island, it can be difficult to reach. With the new site planned to be built further south near the Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico), tourists and visitors will be happy to have access to a new park in a better location. 

An Ideal Spot – Close to Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico)

Located roughly 40 kilometers south of the Isla Mujeres location, this new park will be built just off Mexico’s mainland. With views of the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop, more guests than ever before will get to experience dolphins first-hand.  


For traveler’s flying into Cancún International Airport, the park will only be around a 15-minute drive away. This makes it a great attraction for people staying near the airport, who might not want to venture much further. Additionally, tourists with hotels in downtown Cancún will only have to travel around 30 minutes by car. This makes visiting the new Dolphin Discovery Park an easy day-trip for couples and families staying downtown.  


Tourists enjoying an all-inclusive vacation at the Moon Palace resort stand to benefit the most. By having access to the park within a few minutes’ walk or drive, they can get the dolphin experience as much as they want while on vacation.


More About Dolphin Discovery 

Originally founded back in the early 1990s, the company now has waterparks, dolphin discovery centers, and aquariums across the world. 


Not only that, but they are one of the most recognized and respected companies within the dolphinarium industry. Their parks see roughly 2 million visitors annually, and guests are treated to a once in a lifetime swimming with dolphins experience. 


They do more than just let guests swim with dolphins, though. Some of their parks are homes to sea lions and manatees, both of which guests can swim with if they wish. They also provide many other family-friendly activities including snorkeling and kayaking excursions. 

Dolphin Discovery’s Focus on Sustainability Education

The new Dolphin Discovery park near will be much more than just a tourist attraction. It will be an educational center.  Staying somewhere nearby will be important, just to make sure visitors get full advantages of time designated for Cancun . A quick glance over sites like Expedia or travel bloggers opinions like the Moon Palace Cancun reviews, can help tourists find a suitable and close location to stay.


The company has also stated in an environmental report that with this new project, they hope “to offer our visitors and the community in general…the opportunity to get to know sea mammal species like dolphins, while at the same time promote protection of the environment and marine mammals through interactive programs”. 


This comes at a time when activism and tension against marine parks such as SeaWorld have been extremely high. There was even an initiative by the Green Party to halt construction of all new parks that house marine mammals. 


However, Dolphin Discovery has always done its part to be socially and environmentally responsible. 


Currently, they are a member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association. They are also recognized by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy as a ‘Socially Responsible Company’. According to the Dolphin Discovery website, they have maintained this recognition for over 15 years.


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