El Alfa YouTube Earns Nearly $500k Monthly as DemBow Rap Rises

El Alfa stands in front of 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV (truck)

El Alfa stands in front of 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV (truck)

Making money is difficult for any young musician, especially when their music genre is virtually unheard of. This is the case for El Alfa, a rapper gaining fame for his style of DemBow music. It is easy to discard DemBow music as having a small following, but El Alfa Youtube earnings say otherwise.

DemBow music developed in the streets of the Dominican Republic and drew influence from the popular style Reggaeton. Born Enmanuel Herrera Batista, El Alfa became the first artist from the Dominican Republic to fill one of the largest venues in Santo Domingo. Since then, the 28-year-old has collaborated with many famous musicians and rappers.  Notably, Batista’s unique, fast-paced style gained him high-profile features with J Balvin and Major Lazer, among others.

Nowadays, musicians rely on recognition by streaming their music on Spotify or posting videos on YouTube. El Alfa’s channel titled ‘ElAlfaElJefeTV’, meaning ‘El Alfa The Boss TV’, now has 3,040,000 subscribers. Not bad for an obscure artist from a country known more for Merengue than the harder and faster DemBow music. El Alfa YouTube earnings benefit from such a large following. Here we’ll break it down:

El Alfa YouTube Earnings Explained

According to the website Noxinfluencer, Enmanuel Herrera Batista, known as El Alfa, makes close to $500,000 monthly from video views. Specifically, he earns $435,866 a month with potential yearly earnings of $5,303,041.

The website calculates these earnings based on Cost Per Mille (CPM). CPM is the cost to advertisers per one thousand YouTube views. However, this is only the cost someone pays to place ads on the video. The money from ads goes directly to YouTube who then gives a cut of the total to the channel.

In this case, El Alfa YouTube earnings have a CPM averaging about $4.88 to $9.80 a month. Although, Youtube takes about 45% of this cost. In addition, the DemBow music artist’s channel gets about 1,979,411 daily views. Based on these views, YouTube charges advertisers on El Alfa’s channel a CPM of $7.34. He receives about half of that. Still, the massive amounts of people viewing his videos greatly increases the amount of earnings. For example, daily earnings for the Dominican Republic-based rapper total an estimated $14,528. Furthermore, each of his videos has an earning potential of $247,785.

However, the site makes it clear that one shouldn’t take these numbers too literally. A notice posted on the webpage states:

“YouTube Money Calculator estimates the earnings according to local CPM and average views of your videos. These figures are Estimated Earnings as there are many factors which decide the overall CPM, like video type, region, etc. All information is for reference only.”

El Alfa Shows Off His Diamond "Alfa" Chain, Wearing a Nas Shirt

Growing Popularity for DemBow Music

 DemBow has slowly moved its way from the streets of the Dominican Republic to internet streams and TV screens all around the world. The genre is most popular in areas where there are large DR communities such as New York and Spain. But the music industry is also taking notice. Recently, Universal Music Group bought the rights to the song “Motorcito” by DemBow artist Lírico En La Casa. Similarly, Warner–Chappell featured the hit song “Limonada CoCo” by Chael Betances in a Major League Baseball commercial. 

Apart from large music companies, famous music artists are increasingly interested in the urban rhythms of DemBow. Recent collaborations by Reggaeton artists with El Alfa, fuse their moderate-paced beats with more aggressive DemBow music. For instance, famous pop musician Bad Bunny featured Batista in his song “La Romana”. Likewise, J Balvin paired his softer singing with El Alfa’s strong and hard rapping in “Que Calor”. Neither song has made it to the Top Ten on Latin radio, but the fact that top artists are starting to take notice of the rising genre is a good sign. This also means more people are likely to watch the videos, thereby increasing El Alfa YouTube earnings.

Other stars embracing DemBow music include Cardi B and Diplo who have also collaborated with El Alfa. According to Jairo Bautista, co-CEO of Aparataje Music Group, there is still work to be done:

“One of the next steps [for the genre] is making more collaborations,” says Bautista, “ [and] better visuals.”

Leaving It All On The Dance Floor

Either way, the genre is getting attention and that’s good for rising stars like Enmanuel Herrera Batista who compete with wildly popular Reggaeton for attention. Ultimately, however, DemBow is Reggaeton, just an updated version of it. The rhythms of the two genres are basically the same. DemBow is just faster and harder. This fact makes a lot of listeners hesitate, but it works well for dancing. 

Apart from El Alfa YouTube earnings, the DemBow rapper also makes money touring and through social media sponsorships. He also sells his own merchandise which includes notebooks and T-Shirts. El Alfa is currently touring the U.S.

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