Free Travel: Expedia Credit Cards Offer Higher Bonus Points During Holiday Season

Expedia Rewards Credit Card

Expedia Rewards Credit Card

Airlines and hotels offer a host of points and benefits when using their cobranded credit cards. But these cards require booking directly on their site, leaving deal-seekers empty-handed. However, one third-party site solves this problem. Those on a budget during the holiday season can now receive benefits and accumulate points from flights and hotels using Expedia credit cards


Travel and booking site Expedia now offers two cobranded credit cards with Citi under the Expedia Rewards Program. The cards allow travelers to accumulate Expedia Rewards points on qualifying purchases. The site is also giving out great welcome offers to new cardholders from now until Dec. 2. 


Points and Rewards for Expedia Credit Cards


Expedia’s Rewards Program has many chances to save on travel expenses. With the Expedia Rewards Voyager Card from Citi you can gain 70,000 Expedia Rewards bonus points after spending $2,000 within the first three months. These points amount to $1000 of credit when used to book a VIP Access hotel. In addition, you can earn 4x the amount of points on Expedia purchases, 2x on dining and entertainment, and 1x on everything else. 



During travel there are instances where you need to pay for on-board wifi or a Global Entry application fee. That’s why the Voyager card comes with $100 worth of air travel fee credit to cover any incidentals. Also included is a 5,000-point anniversary bonus and bump up to Expedia’s ‘Gold Status’. Having Gold gives you benefits such as 30% more points every time you book, free room upgrades at VIP Access hotels, 24/7 expedited customer service and more. You get all of this for a low annual fee of $95. 


For some, however, the fee may be too much. That’s why Expedia also offers their Rewards Card also from Citi which does not have a fee. Currently, the card offers 30,000 Expedia Rewards bonus points after spending $1000 within the first three months. All Expedia purchases give 3x points, and 1x on all other purchases. Furthermore, by signing up for the Rewards Card you automatically get Silver status which gets you closer to Gold. 


Neither of the Expedia Credit Cards come with a foreign transaction fee. They do, however, double the amount of points when you redeem at a VIP Access hotel.


A Great Choice for Frequent Flyers

As the holiday season approaches, Expedia credit cards are a great choice to earn points while you shop for deals. Notably, there are many opportunities to double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of points you can redeem. The points are convenient especially when booking VIP Access hotels. 


If you book constantly through Expedia, the Voyager Card is the way to go. The annual $95 fee is virtually cancelled out by a $100 annual air travel credit. Lower member prices on the site and a point bonus at VIP Access hotels only add to a long list of benefits. Other advantages of the card include early access to sales, exclusive member offers, free room upgrades, and a points-earning bonus. Booking through Expedia still lets you collect frequent flyer miles, so you don’t lose them by using a third-party site. 


Expedia credit cards are a great option for travelers looking to multiply their point earnings through the site. The offers mentioned are for a limited-time only and end on Dec. 2. You can also check out Expedia’s rewards site for all the latest deals. 



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