Gettin’ Rich: DaBaby YouTube Videos Worth Over $500K a Month

Rapper DaBaby's Networth Growing Wildly With YouTube Videos Doing Millions of Views

Rapper DaBaby’s Networth Growing Wildly With YouTube Videos Doing Millions of Views

 Rapper DaBaby raked in the views this year after releasing several viral music videos earning him a comfortable sum. In fact, a Noxinfluencer report calculates DaBaby YouTube earnings at over $500K a month! The earnings are well deserved, however, since the North Carolina-based rapper had a busy year producing chart-topping hits. However, figuring out how YouTube pays its top performers can be tricky. Here we’ll break down the specifics behind the rappers’ cash flow.

How This Billion Dollar Baby Does It

DaBaby YouTube earnings reflect the popularity of his self-titled channel on the video-streaming platform. It helps to look at the calculation piece by piece. According to the report, the channel has a total of 2,460,000 subscribers. As a result, each of his videos has an estimated earning potential of $69,756. The calculator bases its estimate off of Cost Per Mille which is currently $3.44. The report takes the average views and predicts how much earnings will be. This means that DaBaby receives $3.44 for every one thousand views. And you can bet that getting those views is not a problem.

DaBaby’s videos are often as popping as they are entertaining. For example, on the widely popular “Suge,” the rapper carelessly tosses mail on the streets of a suburban block. Then suddenly he’s a CEO throwing money around in his office with his associates. Similarly, in a Rich Dunk video titled ‘High School’ DaBaby plays a school nerd complete with tube socks and lunchbox. You can’t help but laugh and click ‘repeat’ after it’s over.

Because of this, the views start to stack up. On average, the rapper’s channel receives 4,651,649 views. Together with the CPM, this amounts to daily DaBaby YouTube earnings of $16,001.67. Furthermore, the report estimates monthly earnings at $480,050 and yearly earnings at a $5,840,609. Not bad for a rapper in his 20’s! Of course, the metrics can vary depending on multiple factors. but it is safe to say DaBaby is doing well.

Although, we shouldn’t get carried away by the numbers. A disclaimer on the website states:

“YouTube Money Calculator estimates the earnings according to local CPM and average views of your videos. These figures are Estimated Earnings as there are many factors which decide the overall CPM, like video type, region, etc. All information is for reference only.

But seeing the way he throws money around in his videos, you have to wonder.

DaBaby SkiMask , part of his Billion Dollar Baby clothing brand

More Than Just DaBaby YouTube Earnings

Getting more views on YouTube is not all the rapper is concerned about. Streaming platforms such as Spotify also generate income. With over 248 million streams, DaBaby’s “Suge” gained Double Platinum-certification. Initially, fans noticed the rapper after the release of his critically-acclaimed albums ‘Baby on Baby’ and ‘Kirk’. In January DaBaby signed with Interscope records but continued to build his own label Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment. Owning a label gave him the power to encourage local talent. Particularly, he signed rappers such as Stunna 4 Vegas, 704 Chop, and Rich Dunk (who he also co-starred in a video with).

DaBaby is also looking outside of music to influence fans. He also appeared in Nike’s “We Live Sneakers” campaign. The athletic shoe giant teamed up with retailer Footlocker to market their exclusive “Evolution of Swoosh” collection. As part of the campaign, Nike released a short commercial starring several music and sports icons. In the video DaBaby wears a pair of classic red Nike’s from their classic sneaker line. His pretend bride also wears some pretty sweet kicks. 

Signing A Major Record Deal

But DaBaby couldn’t end the year without a bang. The 27-year-old rapper just signed his biggest deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. Although, it wouldn’t be DaBaby if he didn’t bring his friends with him. That’s why the deal also includes music from South Coast Music Group which the rapper calls home. Entrepreneur Andy Taylor founded the group in the DaBaby’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Notably, Taylor started the music company to eventually be the largest record label in the Carolinas. In reference to the partnership, Taylor said:

“We are excited about this joint venture with UMPG and their amazing staff and look forward to breaking new barriers in the TV/Films era.”

DaBaby also commented on the deal saying, “I feel great about my decision to join UMPG. I’m looking forward to working with their team and taking my vision to new heights.” And those new heights only mean good news for fans.


Helping Out the Homies

DaBaby YouTube earnings also benefit from his cameos in videos by artists signed to BDBE which he posts on his channel. As previously mentioned, Rich Dunk’s ‘High School’ featured the rapper getting picked on by the school bully. He also stars in Stunna 4 Vegas’ ‘Ashley’ video as a party boy surrounded by attractive women. Stunna signed to Interscope records along with DaBaby, further strengthening their partnership. Similarly, his channel also featured the video for “All I Know” by up-and-coming rapper 704 Chop. That’s what friendship is all about.

But for all his success, DaBaby stays hard at work. Currently, the rapper is on tour for his album ‘Kirk’ which comes after his highly successful debut album ‘Baby on Baby’ (2019). The album’s chart-topping single “Suge” helped to launch the rapper to fame and on this tour he continues to show off his lyrical skills. Starting in October, the Kirk tour includes performances in Denver, Royal Oak, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, among others. This is great news for rap fans all over the US. 

All in all, it’s been a good year for the rapper from Charlotte, and it’s only going to get better. DaBaby YouTube earnings alone are a good measure of his rising potential and value as an artist. Together, the deal with UMPG and growing popularity for his own music label will surely bring new ideas and fresh music for 2020.


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