NBA YoungBoy YouTube Videos Earn Nearly $1Million Monthly

NBA Youngboy wearing some of his Never Broke Again clothing after a concert

NBA Youngboy wearing some of his Never Broke Again clothing after a concert

20 year old Baton Rouge rapper, NBA Youngboy, is known for releasing music exclusively on YouTube. And it has definitely paid off for him. 

According to reports, he is the most-watched musician on the video platform. And that’s not just in the rap genre – that’s across all music genres. 

His 6 million subscribers keep growing by the day and on average, his channel receives over 8 million views per month. NBA Youngboy YouTube earnings reach just over $700,000 monthly, which is super impressive for such a young artist. 

NBA Youngboy YouTube earnings and success

Before earning nearly a million dollars monthly on YouTube, NBA Youngboy was just a Louisiana kid with a passion for music.  

On his road to stardom, he released a number of mixtapes and EPs before hitting it big with Atlantic records. The mixtape that really jump started his career though was 38 Baby, which came out in 2017. This project featured collaborations with notable artists Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates. 

Later on in 2017, he signed a record deal with Atlantic records. This was rumored to be a $2 million deal for five albums. 

Rapper Master P was actually critical of NBA Youngboy for accepting this deal. In a post made on Instagram, Master P said, “He did a deal for $2 million for five records. So think about that. You get the money up front but imagine what they get. So we have to teach that to the next generation. Look at the bigger picture. Just don’t look at the now. You done sold your soul for a 360 deal that you have no knowledge of”.

Other rappers on Atlantic’s label include Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, and Kevin Gates. 


First studio album: Until Death Call My Name

NBA Youngboy’s first studio album, Until Death Call My Name (album details here) came out on April 27, 2018. It was released by Atlantic Records in partnership with Never Broke Again, LLC. 

The 13 track album covers a range of darker themes of violence, rage, and trauma. The album was wildly successful. The song entitled ‘Overdose’ has over 143 million views on Youtube. ‘Right or Wrong’, featuring guest artist, Future, has over 12 million views. 

The album’s deluxe edition also has seven extra songs; two of which feature Lil Uzi Vert and Offset. 

Latest Mixtape and House Arrest

Currently, NBA YoungBoy is on house-arrest for 14 months. This is reportedly due to a probation violation. Because of this, he can only record music and videos inside his home.This led to the inspiration of his song “House Arrest Tingz”, which was released with a video on YouTube on September 25, 2019. 

Fans love this video because it shows the rapper at home. He’s seen in one shot with his parole officer. In another shot he’s sliding down a water slide with one of his kids. 

While on house arrest, his social media usage is allegedly restricted and he has not been able to post as consistently as normal. However, that still hasn’t stopped him from releasing his latest mixtape, AI YoungBoy 2, on October 10, 2019. This project was a huge success; topping the Rolling Stone Artist 500 chart for the week of October 11. 

Collaborations with Quando Rondo

NBA Youngboy YouTube earnings are impressive enough and the rap artist’s popularity is likely to continue growing. He is not doing it along though; he’s bringing other young rappers along with him. In June of 2018, Georgia-based rapper, Quando Rondo, joined Never Broke Again, LLC. Similar to NBA YoungBoy, Quando Rondo is a talented young rapper with a strong social media presence. They are often seen together in pictures on the Never Broke Again label’s Instagram page. They also collaborate on a number of tracks. Most recently, Quando Rondo was featured as an artist on NBA Youngboy’s track “I am Who They Say I Am”. He was also featured on the 4Loyalty EP.

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