The Most Expensive Apple Smartwatch in the World is Covered in Diamonds

Apple Watch aka Lux Watch Omni, retail price $69,995

Apple Watch aka Lux Watch Omni, retail price $69,995

The modern wristwatch does more than tell time. It is a luxury piece that can represent how important a person is. The most expensive of these pieces are hand-made, ultra-detailed machines made of expensive materials. But now, the smartwatch is making its way into the luxury class. Years ahead of the first smartwatch ever made, the Lux Watch Omni is the most expensive smartwatch in the world.

Humble Beginnings for the Smartwatch

Notably, the first smartwatch ever made had functions that today wouldn’t be considered so smart. The Timex Datalink, co-developed by Microsoft in 1994 could download data straight from a computer. While that’s not very interesting now, back then it was big news for tech lovers. 

In 2015, Apple released its version of the most expensive smartwatch. Famously, the Apple Watch doubled as an MP3 player and could store several gigabytes of music. Five years ago, this watch debuted at a cost of $350–$400. 

It soon became the most popular smartwatch in the world, and several luxury brands noticed. But these brands didn’t have the tech know-how to make their own competition to the Apple Watch. Particularly, luxury brand Brikk didn’t need to reinvent the smartwatch to sell the most expensive smartwatch. 

Diamonds are a Smartwatch’s Best Friend

The Lux Watch Omni is Brikk’s response to the few customers who need a little bit more glamour than what Apple can offer. For example, the wristband is clad with rows of diamonds that extend around the face of the watch. Just like the Apple watch, the Lux Omni is available in two face sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Similarly, you can choose to have the case made of 18K Yellow Gold, or 18K Pink Gold with a brilliant 950 Platinum.

Before you rush to order your own, you should know how much one of these will set you back. The 38mm size costs $109,995.00 while the 42mm size costs $114,995.00. 

Don’t get discouraged just yet. The diamond rating is DE in color and VVS for clarity. This means that you’re getting crystal-clear diamonds free of any specks or blemishes. Likewise, you can choose between 11.30 carats and 12.30 carats depending on the size you get. And if that’s not enough, Brikk also states that the diamonds are “natural and conflict-free.” You probably can’t say the same for the first smartwatch ever made

Along with the most expensive smartwatch, you also get some equally-luxurious accessories. The Lux Omni includes a Zero Hallburton case made with carbon fiber and a suede leather interior. Of course, you can also expect a certificate of authenticity to prove to your friends this is the real deal. Additionally, the watch comes with charging cable, connector, wall plug, and user guide (all of these without diamonds, unfortunately). 

You can get the most expensive smartwatch by paying a non-refundable $10,000 deposit. If you can’t afford it, you can always look for the first smartwatch ever made on-line.

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